Andrei Tudor Iuroaia

Andrei Iuroaia is a facilitator and consultant specialising in the design, development and implementation of participatory organisational models.
His BA in Management (Economic Science) and MA in Decision-Making and socio-political behavior in Political Science is complemented by practical experience from 3 years of travelling throughout Europe and learning the art and skill of community building, facilitation and participatory organizational systems.
He initiated and co-founded Communities and managed the first two “Danube Bioregional Communities Convergence”. He is a co-founder of and is dedicated to network building and constructing trans-national and trans-sectorial collaboration frameworks.
He is a Sociocracy 3.0 trainer and is working to develop the organisational capacity of ART and several partner organizations and train and coach staff. He holds seminars and workshops in Romania and other European countries.


Claudian Dobos

Claudian Dobos is a co-founder of the entrepreneurial community “João Sem Medo”, established as a cooperative under Portuguese Law. Since 2010 he has been supporting the emergence of the Romanian Transition Towns Movement. He is a co-founder of the NGO: “Romania In Tranzitie”.
He is also a co-founder of the “Terra Livre” movement and of the community driven initiative “Aurora Community”, both established in Romania. Claudian co-created the “Communities Convergence” movement and also co-managed of the 1st “Danube Communities Convergence” held in 2013 and 2014 in Romania.
Claudian is a speaker and facilitator on sustainable development, transition towns and community building, a Permaculture teacher and a facilitator for Deep Ecology – The Work that Reconnects.
He is also a trainer and facilitator on communication strategies, communities of practice, community building and personal development.
Claudian has experience in Communication and Image Management, start-up design and has grounded several business enterprises.


Genny Carraro
genny.carraro [at]
She is currently serving (among others roles) as Managing Director of GEN-Europe (Global Ecovillage Network Europe –
Genny is a professional facilitator, focussing her work with change-oriented groups in several European countries. She is  keenly aware of both the common challenges this groups are facing and also of the need to adapt to the conditionings of the local culture.
Genny is  using professionally a diverse spectrum of  facilitation techniques and methodologies (meeting facilitation, work that reconnects/deep ecology, dragon dreaming, process work/conflict transformation, local-lead-initiatives start-up support, classic sociocracy, sociocracy 3.0, etc). The open and flexible structure of Sociocracy 3.0 allows groups and facilitators to integrate multidisciplinary approaches, making the interventions into groups dynamic more sustainable and effective.
Genny is trainer in Sociocracy 3.0 since 2015.



Adina Maria Moise
Adina Maria Moise is a psychologist, personal development counsellor and accredited trainer of trainers and is certified in project management and social entrepreneurship. She coordinates the project funding and fundraising department of Romania in Transition NGO.
She studied change and resistance to change from individual and social perspectives, and is continuing this research, promoting the responsibility of co creating the change the want to see in the world from a soul-soil-society approach.
Adina is initiator and coordinator of the Free Seeds Movement in Romania (Seminte Libere), a Transition initiative with over 10.000 members. She has also started The Network project (“REteaua”), an online platform meant to directly re-connect the local communities and enhance the sustainability and the local resilience. Adina is passionate about permaculture as a revolution disguised in gardening. She loves to pass on her passion and inspire people to take the “courage to be yourself”.


Jake Jay-Lewin
jake.jay-lewin [at]
Having growing up in the Findhorn Community and Ecovillage he the opportunity from a young age to observe conflicts and power dynamics that are often confined to a family home or the boardroom, being played out on a larger scale. His frustration at what he deemed to be ineffective and inefficient systems for dealing with what arose manifested in himself as a confrontational attitude – a approach to conflict resolution and process became one of; confront, shift blame to elsewhere, take no responsibility, move on.
Maturing into the world of adult relationships, cooperation, and collaboration it became quickly apparent to him that the reactionary protest against the systems of power and authority that he disagreed with was having more of a damaging impact on him than it was on the systems themselves. Thus Jake made a choice to actively seek out, contribute to, and embody systems that are efficient and effective.
Jake has confidence in the particular systems of Possibility Management and Sociocracy 3.0 that comes through heavily relying on them during the time spent in community experiments, junior level consulting, running trainings and presenting, and project based collaboration. Jake dedicated time in organising and running aid-distribution logistics and other teams in the Calais refugee camp, ‘La Jungle’ in 2015/16 cemented these toolboxes into his life.


Neus Eulàlia Valls Izard
neus.vallsizard [at]
Neus Valls, is a pianist and music therapist, that discovered Sociocracy in 2015 in the community of Los Portales, where she lives, when the community decided to adopt it as a system of organization and governance.
A year later, she attended the Sociocracy 3.0 Facilitators Training Course with the prticipation of James Priest and Liliana David in Panta Rei, Italy.
She decided to join the S3 movement.
She has participated in multiplier events to bring the S3 to the ecovillages of the RIE (Red Iberica de Ecoaldeas) and other related groups.




Patrizia Callozzo
giardinodellagioia [at]

I live in the ecovillage Giardino della Gioia in Italy, I’m graduated in Economics, I have been training for many years in Non Violent Communication as well as in Community Building, Ecological Communication, Forum. I took part to EVS training course and others courses of non formal educations (Weaving the Wild, Reconnect to Empower, Take the Future in your Hands), I attended my first Sociocracy 3.0 course in Romania during the 2nd Danube Communities Convergence, and later in Italy in Toscany with James Priest. In 2016, in June I had the privilege to be participate representing RIVE to the Sociocracy 3.0 Facilitator Training Course in the ecovillage Pantarei in Passignano sul Trasimeno to learn more about S3.
Now I’m part of the Italian team that is working to spread the Sociocracy 3.0 seed in Italy.
I’m very motivated to keep working in this field, I think it is essential to play a role to give right tools where is needed for this shifting paradigm.


Simona Straforini
Simona Straforini begins her professional experience as strategy consultant for commercial companies. Team Leader for 12 years as commercial and marketing manager,  she studies team-building strategies, team-coordination and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). In 2012 she approaches a new holistic view of the world and her life changes. She studies naturopathy and nonviolent communication. A couple of years ago joins the italian community Tempo di Vivere (an ecovillage in the hills near Bologna, and becomes facilitator, life coach and counselor.  In this road to change, approaching Sociocracy 3.0 and becoming trainer represents her last but not least step towards the reunion of her former professional skills and the new sense of her life, based on sustainability, welfare, change and relationships.


Valentina Cifarelli
cifarellivalentina [at]
Valentina Cifarelli active networker, project designer and manager, she is cofounder of Paradiso Ritrovato (, an Italian organization working with formal and non formal education on an international scale.
With a degree in Communication (2006) and a Master in Green economy (2011), she has 10 years of experience as a trainer and facilitator. She has designed, implemented and coordinated several European projects in the fields of education especially in social and environmental fields.
In 2014 she came across Sociocracy as decision-making and project management tool and since then she successfully practices it in her work, both at national and international level, as well as in her life and community.
In 2016 she attended the SFTC with James Priest to focus on Soociocracy 3.0. She is active in spreading Sociocracy and Sociocracy 3.0 in different contexts such as small organisations, communities and public institutions.
She lives in Italy, in a little countryside community not far away from Bologna, taking care with passion of her garden and bees.




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