ART – Asociatia România în Tranzitie
Contact person: Andrei Iuroaia
Since March 2014 ART has been formally part of the global Transition Towns Network which was founded in 2006, Totnes, UK, on the background of the climate, social and economical crisis. The TT Network seeks to help communities to build healthy, resilient, local responses to these challenges and operates in more than 34 countries. ART shares TT’s common culture and network empowerment.

ART activities are related with macro-regional and international networking, local communities empowerment, social economy, education, communication, mass-media contact and training.


RIE – Red Iberica de Ecoaldeas
The Iberian Ecovillages Network (RIE) is among the oldest networks of ecological community projects in Europe. Currently the association has 37 members in Spain and Portugal, mostly consisting of ecovillages, intentional communities and sustainable settlements. The network also includes some green businesses and related networks. RIE has been active in the field of adult education for seventeen years. It has developed its own trainings, workshops and courses and has organised educational activities around the issues of ecology, permaculture, adequate technologies, community building, conflict management, collaborative leadership, gender equality, social economy and so on. Besides it has organised conferences, exhibitions and meetings on these themes on a regular base.
The RIE takes a distinct stand for an open source approach to knowledge and education. To this end, in 2012 an innovative, interactive and participatory IT-platform has been created for community projects to share tools and solutions . RIE Develops network tasks, diffusion of sustainable models, training in best practices and green innovation.

RIVE – Rete italiana villaggi ecologici
RIVE (the Italian ecovillage network) funded in 1996, is the umbrella organization for ecovillages, intentional communities and several Italian transition projects. RIVE’s members are spread out on the entire Italian territory and they present different approaches concerning their organizational structures, economical sustainability and ecological standards. RIVE’s members are active citizens working in the educational field, they promote seminars and practical workshops for the identification and dissemination of “best practices” of sustainability through a responsible attitude towards the territory, its resources and all its inhabitants. One of the main objectives of RIVE is to find and implement innovative techniques and ideas in the social, ecological, technological, economical and world view dimensions for the promotion of sustainable development. In the last few years RIVE saw an exponential growth in the number of its members, currently 40 ecovillages and ecovillage projects; and around 70 supporting members for a total of more than 1300 individuals.

UVT – Universitatea de Vest Timisoara
Universitatea de Vest din Timișoara (UVT) / West University of Timişoara (WUT) is the main higher education institution and research pole in Western Romania. Its community comprises roughly 16000 students and over 700 academic staff. It is a comprehensive university in character and includes 11 faculties with their respective departments, as well as a Department of Teacher Training. The faculties functioning within the framework of UVT over the following subject areas: Arts and Design; Chemistry, Biology, Geography; Economics and Business Administration; Law and Administrative Sciences; Letters, History and Theology; Mathematics and Informatics; Music; Physical Education and Sports; Physics; Political Sciences, Philosophy and Communication Sciences; Sociology and Psychology.

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