E1  Romania – User training for the Library of Open Virtual Resources – ME 1
31.08 – 03.09.2016
From the experience of the joint staff meeting in June it became clear that a 2 day format
for the multiplier effects would be ineffective for an introduction workshop to sociocracy
3.0 that would enable participants to use the LOVR back home in their organizations.
Accordingly a shift was made and a new course design was produced for a 4 day training where facilitators in training would support the learning process and the participant would go through the basic patterns and applications of S3 and the support of the available resources.

In SEOC a multiplier event has 3 main functions and all three were accomplished for E1:
1. Making the LOVR known and engaging users in starting an implementation process upon return to their organizations.
2. Harvesting inputs from participants and testing and improving the LOVR by creating a feedback cycle for its
3. Setting up the Virtual Communities of Learning and populating them with attendees involved in implementation processes.

E2 – Release of the Research Paper on Sociocracy Implementation
13 – 14.10 2017
The final SEOC project multiplier event took place on the 13th and 14th of October 2017 in Bucharest,
Romania. The event was held at a venue called „La Firul Ierbii” (Engl. Grassroots). The main
purpose of the event was that of publicly presenting the results of the SEOC project’s research on S3, as well as to mark the successful completion of the project.
Our goal was to conduct the event in a very dynamic and interactive manner.
For this purpose, we created a 2-day agenda for the event, with the first day including keynote speeches and the presentation of the research results, and the second day reserved for an intensive
introductory course on S3.

E3 – User training for the Library of Open Virtual Resources – ME 2
ME1 has been organized by RIVE in November 2016 in the South of Italy (Puglia, Ostuni)
The 4 days event with a great number of participant. This was the first time the italian pool of facilitator and facilitator in formation was applying what learned about Sociocracy 3.0 and the first time also the newly developed SFTC (IO2) was going to be employ.The attendee participation and involvement was high. The fifty-fifty balance between theory and practice has been questioned and received lots of feedbacks where
more time for practice was required.

E 4 – User training for the Library of Open Virtual Resources – ME 3
ME4 organised in Modena at Tempo di vivere from the 15 to the 18th of June 2017 and has
been an enormous success; 55 people applied to participate, but due to lack of accommodation only 40 have been accepted. During the multiplier event all different intellectual outputs have been used and tested in order to teach/transmit sociocracy 3.0.
The multiplier event which counted 40 participants has been structured by first introducing
Sociocracy 3.0, it’s used and giving some short historical inputs; the event followed by
applying inner sociocracy.

E 5 –  User training for the Library of Open Virtual Resources – ME 4
27.10 – 30.10.2016
In E5 there were 20 local and 9 foreigners attendants. Mainly people from communities
and ecovillage or affiliated organizations around Spain. The video presentation and the
translation of the S3 Manual (RIE IO 01 and 2) were used and spread before and during the
ME; the cards and other graphic materials were build in the ME by trainers and spread
through attendants organizations as described in the documents. For the Iberian Ecovillage
Network and some of their members it had a quite spectacular impact.

E 7 – User training for the Library of Open Virtual Resources – ME 6
The second multiplier event of Sociocracy 3.0 took place from the 7th to the 10th of September 2017 in Los Portales, an ecovillage in the south of Andalusia. There were five facilitators in practice and 40 participants. The promotion of the training had a great success and three weeks after posting it (including the videos and chart produced as IO1 and IO2) on the social networks and on the webpages of Los Portales, RIE and related
organizations, it was fully booked.
The participants belonged to various sectors, facilitations groups, social organizations, ecovillages, free schools and people interested in supporting a change towards more consciousness in organizations.


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